Hi There

Glad to have you drop in on us. Please browse our site and if it takes your fancy then we would be delighted to have you come along for a walk with us. You will be made most welcome.​ 

You can walk with us free of charge for 2 walks or 4 weeks (whichever is the soonest) before paying our annual subscription of just £7. So why not give us a try?



 Please use the "Contact Us" form below and give your FULL NAME(S), HOME ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER with a request for a programme and we will Email you back with a PDF version together with an application form. 


All members please note!

AGM  Tuesday 24th March 7.30pm, Somers Club,  

2 Grange Hill, Halesowen B62 0JH
Membership subscription (£7) due March 31st

Contact Us

If you are enquiring about membership.

Please be sure to give your NAME, E-MAIL and FULL POSTAL ADDRESS and any phone numbers.

Contact us by E MAIL or phone 0121 550 3387 Beryl 0121 477 0535 Patrick 0121 422 9663 Bernard

Jan 2020 - april 2020 Programme of walks