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2018 Walks Projects

For 2018 the Club will revisit the St Kenelms Way distance path starting on our doorstep in the Clent Hills.

Speak to Beryl for more details. The first leg will be April 25th.

Video Trailer

We now have a Video Trailer courtesy of our youngest member Max Parkin. Max walks with us when he can and has been a member since he was 8 years old. The video can be watched by clicking on the link below, 


"The Magnificent Seven at Kenilworth"

  No, this is not a bizarre adaptation of Sir Walter Scott's famous novel, but an account of our recent walk in the environs of the Warwickshire town, famed for its castle. The previous week, we were a "Famous Five" "doing" a circuit of Droitwich, so the participation in this occasion was swollen by 40%!
               The weather was well nigh cloudless, and temperatures well into to 20's right from the outset when we set out from the "Tipperary" pub close to the village of Honiley, a little distance from Kenilworth itself. A short way along our walk, John, our leader for the day, pointed out a plaqued cottage which was once the home of the composer of "It's A Long Way To Tipperary", one Harry Williams, who died aged 50 in 1924. One wonders how much he made in royalties from the song during his lifetime????
                We then continued along some fairly straight and level minor roads, then, via a very interesting wildfire reserve (cranes, mergansers, etc), onwards through arable fields(baking in the sun) which seemed to extend forever, stopping for a fortifying coffee break at Honiley church. On continuing through further seemingly endless crop fields, we finally espied Kenilworth Castle in the far distance. The views across the flattish landscape were excellent, the castle itself only seeming to get closer very gradually.
               A much needed lunch break was taken at Abbey Fields, just beyond the castle, overlooking the rather picturesque Abbey pool, before embarking on the return journey to the "Tipperary". Some extremely good views were obtained of the castle from the slightly rising ground on the pathway leaving Kenilworth going back towards Honiley, and the walk then proceeded via further various undulating arable fields back to the pub.....where drinks were promptly ordered, a shaded outside table area selected, and  said drinks demolished in short order!
                Many thanks to John Roberts who led this enjoyable walk, and both John and Steve Adams, who had recce'd this lengthy (9mile) walk only days earlier! 

Monarchs Way Working Party


The Missing Duster

Both Wednesday and Sunday walkers again dug out clippers, saws, and shears to walk and maintain Section 14 of the Monarchs way, which runs from Manor Way, Halesowen to Sanders Park, Bromsgrove. 

The purpose is to check stiles for safety, clear any overgrown vegetation, ensure way marking is clear and to report any planning proposals which may

affect the route.


This year there was minimal clipping to be done as rangers from Wasely Hills, Clent Hills and Sanders Park had pre-empted us It was gratifying to see that previous reports had been effective and some, (but not all) defective stiles had been repaired or removed.

Consequently our main focus this year was on way marking. Enthusiasm and laughter were evident, and much discussion ensued over exactly where and at which angle new way marks should be positioned. Responsibilities were allocated and necessary equipment distributed - hammer, nails, stickers, wet wipes,…



But where was the monogrammed Monarchs Way yellow duster? How is it possible to give the authentic final polish to the way marks without it.

None of the current working parties had it so it must be hidden in the possession of a previous participant. Could it be hiding in the bottom of your rucksack???

Thanks to Bel Glover for organising the event, and for a great report and pictures.

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Dawne and Tony

Halesowen Ramblers 32nd AGM

  Dawne and Tony Jackson

During the interval Alan Francis came to the table. He started his speech by telling a joke. As both Dawne and Tony are retiring from the committee this year Alan looked back on the years he had known and walked with them. His comments were that the club offered them enjoyment, physical exercise and social walking, so that long life friendships developed over time. He recalled that the couple had walked over Offa’s Dyke, coast to coast adventures and the Pennine Way. This was only a few of the adventures that they undertook. Thanks was given to Tony for his IT skills and Dawne her chairmanship skills. Alan then proceeded with a presentation of flowers and a caricature framed picture of them both.



Send Photographs and descriptions of events and walks to HALRAMBLER@GMAIL.COM

We will try to include as many articles, event descriptions, photographs, articles of interest and  news items as possible. 


Roy Stockton RIP

Sadly deceased Friday 7th December 2018


Funeral details:

Friday 21/12/2018

1445  Wollaston Free Church, Somerset Drive, Wollaston Stourbridge DY8 4RH

Cremation will be Family Members only.

The wake will be upstairs at the Church.

Please note: Family flowers only.

Donations to Leukaemia Ward at Russells Hall Hospital  

Roy was a longstanding member of The Halesowen Ramblers and will be sadly missed by all that knew him.