About Rambling

 Rambling is a healthy and highly enjoyable pastime that will take you to many beautiful and interesting places. The following notes will help you to get the maximum enjoyment from your walking. 

What to bring with you

 A Rucksack containing a packed lunch, drinking water (a hot drink or soup is good in cold weather) and a waterproof top garment. Depending on the season a sun hat or extra warm clothing may be  needed.

Boots or strong walking shoes are essential for anything other than the easiest walks on dry days. There are several types of boots and you can start off with only spending about £25 -£35.  Make sure of a comfortable fit whilst wearing thick walking socks.

If you need advice on what to buy any of our more experienced members will be pleased to assist you.

Some sort of waterproof top is a must for our climate, and again there are lots of different types and prices. There are many cheap waterproofs but as the breathability increases so does the price. Waterproof trousers are not essential if you don't mind getting wet occasionally, but DO NOT WEAR denim trousers. They are slow to dry and soak up water. Wear quick dry fabrics instead.

A small personal first aid kit is a good idea as minor scratches and insect bites can be treated immediately.

Before you come on a walk

The Club Programme will give the milage and grade of each ramble. It will also give the name and contact detail of the Leader who can be contacted if you require further information. The meeting place for the ramble is given and it is your responsibility to get to the start in good time.  


Files coming soon.